Buon Ma Thuot history

Buon Ma Thuot history – There is no village named Buon Ma Thuot in the same period when the French built the town here, and no village headman named Ama Thuot in the history of the city. Many people mistakenly and inferred Buon Ma Thuot is a village run by Mr. Ama Thuot, but the actual history and maps of the early period was recorded by the French, there is no record of the name Ama Thuot in the Buon Ma Thuot city.

In the past, buon ma thuot history was the land of the E De, with many houses along the Ea Tam, along the stream flowing into the river (Serepok). The village is run by the village headman for each village. The first villages in the city are: Buon Kram, Buon Ales, Buon Leir, Buon Kosier, Buon Enao, Buon Akay Buon, Buon Dung.

Serepok river
Serepok river

In the early years of Buon Ma Thuot, it was built in the area of Buon Kram, next to Ale-A, Ale-B, nowadays is the area of Dinh Tien Hoang street in Ea Tam stream. The term French colonial city was named Ban Me Thuot, since “Ban” contains a broad meaning, such as “Ban” is urban towns, villages as small areas, same as ward. The map of the period 1905-1918-1930, “Ban” and “Buon” are clearly distinguished through the historical map of the French, through the Republic of Vietnam transcribed into Ban Me Thuot.

After the liberation called Buon Ma Thuot, many people deduce that the chief of the ama Thuot, leading to serious confusion.In addition, the wrong way as other (Bản Mế Thuột – Bản Mế Thuật, Buôn Ma Thuộc – Buôn Ma Thuật, Ban Mê Thuộc – Ban Mê Thuật), is a false way of information of the city.
Welcome to Buon Ma Thuot
Welcome to Buon Ma Thuot

Prior to 1905, the traders often harassed, and exploited the depleted items of the Thuong people ( Thuong People is the general name of the minority people who live in highland) leading to the Thuong people often plunged into Khanh Hoa ( name today) for robing food. As a result, the French decided to establish the administrative center of Ban – Me – Thuot and DarLac province in the Central Highlands.

Access and exploration of the Darlac Plateau is approaching the Mekong River into the Sê-Rê-Pok River, to Buon Don, thanks to the elephant-hunting kings in Buon Don, the French find the Eanao-EaTam Stream , where the Ede villages live in high density and close together. This leads to the formation of a new administrative center, Ban Me Thuot, with a local E De work forces during French colonial period in Darlac.

Elefant in Buon Don
Elefant in Buon Don
In 1905 the first planning map of the Ban Me Thuot was published. This material is still present for comparison. The first village to emerge was the Kram village. During this period plantations were established based on the natural population distribution of the peoples of the Darlac province. Hue teachers, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen , Khanh Hoa, Nha Trang people were moved to the Central Highlands to guide the Ede to basic production methods, such as rice cultivation, – agriculture, logging …

In 1918 the second map was published. Appearance village of An Nam (Trung Ky village) is located next to Kram village in Ban Me Thuot. Image material recorded Ede people’s schools of new production methods. At this time, the Latin letter which pronunced after Ede language was spread by the French in Darlac, and the historical poem Dam San was recorded by the Sabatier. The 1918 map shows a large village in the south west of city. They are Ale A and Ale B today.

dinh lac giao
Dinh lac giao

In 1930, a map of Annam Street, Trung ky neighborhood was established. It is now the center of the city, located Dinh Lac Giao , the Khai Doan pagoda. And the French Quarter in the east of the city is now the area of Nguyen Cong Tru – Dinh Tien Hoang – Hung Vuong and the museum, the Ede area was also separate from Trung Ky area.

Khai Doan Pagoda
Khai Doan Pagoda

During the French colonial period, King Bao Dai and his family also appeared in Ban Me Thuot, works associated with his name as Bao Dai palace, Lak lake villa associated to his wife Queen Nam Phuong , Khai Doan pagoda associated to Queen Dan Hy, Bao Dai appeared in Darlac because of the Japanese coup French Indochina, France ceded the whole delta for Japan in World War II, only retained the mountain, at this time the largest mountain in Vietnam where France had was the Central Highlands, then known as the Hoang Trieu Cuong Tho ( Land of Kingdom).

When the French transferred South Vietnam to the American empire, with the American support- Viet Nam Republican government, Darlac’s administrative structure was divided into District such as Lac Thien District, Phuoc An District, Buon Ho District, Ban Me Thuot district, with the town was Lac Giao. In this period, urban towns were initially urbanized in Darlac, motorized vehicles in Darlac grew, not only in motorized vehicles, but also in agricultural machinery.

Buon ma thuot airport 2
Buon ma thuot airport
The airport has been built, in particular Ban Me Thuot has two airports in this period. A helicopter airport called Lac Giao airport, an airport for large aircraft is Phung Duc airport. (This airport built in US aid packages to France before 1950, now Buon Ma Thuot airport). Also during this period, President Ngo Dinh Diem also appeared in Ban Me Thuot. where he celebrated Tet in Ban Me Thuot in 1957 and at the same time held economic festivities when he celebrated the festival here.

The Tet Mau Than in 1969 marked the wars of revolution, rights and democracy in production, for farmer-workers, and Ban Me Thuot was officially in civil war zones. The civil war lasted until March 10, 1975, the Vietnamese People’s Army formally ended the civil war in Ban Me Thuot, in the Ho Chi Minh Campaign, liberating the country, defeating the Vietnam Republic Air Army.

After 1975, the town name Buon Ma Thuot.

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