seven streams waterfall

Seven Streams waterfall – Bay Nhanh waterfall

Seven streams waterfall – bay nhanh waterfall Located in N’Drech Village in Ea Huar Commune, Buon Don District, Dak Lak Province. Seven streams waterfall – Bay Nhanh Waterfall is a magnificent landscape, and an ecological tourist site in Dak Lak.

seven streams waterfall
Seven streams waterfall

The Serepok River meets a big stone and is divided into seven small streams, forming six islets, hence its name Bay Nhanh (Seven-streams) Waterfall. From a distance, Bay Nhanh Waterfall resembles a huge hand with seven fingers opening among rapids. At the source of the waterfall, which is 500m wide, water flows gently and quietly all year around.

Ban Don Ecology Tourist Limited Company has just invested in building houses with thatch roofs at the nice beach here. It is also an ideal place for piragua racing thanks to  calm and transparent  river. Every afternoon, looking at the other side visitors will see herds of peacocks dancing. It is really pleasant to the eyes. The widest of the waterfall is about 2km. The first branch is covered by a row of old fig trees. The second, third, and fourth branches form a big cascade. It is an excellent place for visitors to take a bath or photographs. The fifth branch has a cobble beach like the one in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa Province). The sixth branch consists of six nice, wide, flat sandbanks and an area of 2ha for growing industrial and fruit crops. At the seventh branch, visitors come to the primitive forest, which are abundant with many precious woods and animals under the management of YokDon National Park.

Coming to Bay Nhanh Waterfall, visitors will see rows of old fig trees. The Ban Don Ecology Tourist Limited Company has built a 200m long bamboo bridge snaking through the roots of old fig trees for tourists relaxing and drinking can alcohol under the canopy of fig trees, surrounded by the murmur of the stream. The Ban Don Ecology Tourist Limited Company has just invested VND 1 billion in building one long house, one rong house of the Xe Dang people, three long houses of the E De people, one curved-roof house of the M’Nong people, one house on stilts of the Ba Na people, and some other facilities in service of tourists.

Rong house in seven streams waterfall
Rong house in seven streams waterfall

Coming to Bay Nhanh Waterfall, visitors not only enjoy the natural landscape of this ecological site but also visit YokDon National Park to listen to stories about elephant hunting and taming, or go boating, and ride elephant for sightseeing tours in the forests and across the Serepok River, or stay overnight in a house on stilts and enjoy gong performance of the M’Nong people.

sunset in seven streams waterfall
sunset in seven streams waterfall

Coming here visitors also have a chance to taste such specialties as bamboo-tube rice, banana leaf-wrapped rice, roasted chicken with pummel leaves, mixture of yellow-ant with green cabbage dish, homburgs with giang leaves soup. Visitors can also buy souvenirs such as brocade bag, wooden handicraft, and backpacks of ethnic minorities.


  • Vehicle:  motobike, taxi.
  • Distance from center:  50km.
  • Entrance fee: 35,000 VND.
  • Opening time: 8AM – 5PM
  • Family friendly: Not recommend for family with kid under 12.
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