Tam An Vien ( Peaceful Garden) – A hidden cultural preservation museum in Buon Ma Thuot

When people ask about our Buon Ma Thuot, people have confidence that they know the land of the Central Highlands this wind and wind? The forest of Buon Ma inherently creates people who are cultivated for the red soil, so that no one will forget where the land was born.

Then there is a fellowship fell in love with these cultures, using his whole life to collect the old thought objects, but these antiquities are the epitome of Central Highlands culture, but the history Dam San night night still whispered the words about the thousands of skin.

May once invite you to visit Tam An Vien, to learn together about the tradition of the sun and wind, as well as reminding yourself and the next life not forget the heroic background of the great children, always bring in the yearning for the goddess of the sun.

Located at the end of Tran Nhat Duat street, which is part of the Akodhong municipality (or Co Thon village), Tam An Vien coffee shop, which owns a museum of valuable artifacts, up to 2000 Antiques and collectors.

And above all, Tam An has a lot of natural trees and fruits, providing a very healthy and natural amount of food and drinks for customers at reasonable prices. .

Tam An also arranges a party and rents a conference hall.
Coming to Tam An to feel the taste of highland forest and peaceful peace.

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